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Trenchless Technology Solutions

Robinson Consultants Inc. is uniquely positioned with an extensive experience and knowledge base in trenchless technology. Trenchless solutions are important infrastructure management tools that can provide owners with opportunities to ensure the long-term sustainability of infrastructure as well as enabling prudent fiscal management through extending the useful life of pipes.

Robinson Consultants Inc. uses an optimized life cycle decision process that considers the advantages and disadvantages of all available options (traditional replacement, trenchless replacement, and trenchless rehabilitation). This approach expands Robinson Consultants Inc. ability to provide options to clients for the achievement of significant benefits in reduced risk exposure, reduced cost and improved service delivery for the client.

What We Offer

Robinson Consultants Inc. offers a full range of services in trenchless technologies to satisfy the needs of clients, including:

  • Condition assessment
  • Preliminary and detail design
  • Environmental assessment
  • Contract and RFP document development
  • Contract administration and inspection
  • Asset management
  • Training and education seminars
  • Advisory services

Trenchless Technology Expertise

Robinson Consultants Inc. has demonstrated expertise in a wide range of trenchless engineering solutions including:

  • Rehabilitation/replacement needs and constructability analysis
  • Watermain condition inspection and analysis
  • Maintenance hole condition inspection and analysis
  • Sewer condition inspection and analysis
  • Technology assessment and suitability review
  • Inspection program development
  • Pilot projects
  • Structural and non-structural watermain rehabilitation design
  • Trenchless design of new sewers and watermains
  • Sewer lateral rehabilitation design
  • Sewer spot repair program design
  • Maintenance hole rehabilitation design
  • Corrosion control analysis and design
  • Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC)
  • Contract administration and inspection
  • Structural and non-structural sewer rehabilitation design

Recent Projects