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Montreal Road Revitalization, North River Road to St. Laurent Boulevard


City of Ottawa


Ottawa, Ontario

Construction Value



Transportation, Municipal, Construction

Key Features

  • Integrated road reconstruction including roadway narrowing, enhanced pedestrian facilities, cycle tracks, protected intersection, watermain, storm and sanitary sewer, and surface drainage design.
  • Analysis of intersection configurations including pedestrian and cyclist accommodations and AODA measures.
  • Comprehensive traffic, transit, pedestrian, and cyclist management and construction staging plans to mitigate construction impacts including traffic detours.
  • Transportation analysis and extensive coordination with traffic signals and traffic operations departments, including intersection modifications for traffic detours.

Project Description

Robinson Consultants Inc. was retained by the City of Ottawa to complete the preliminary and detail design, tender package, and contract administration and inspection for the reconstruction of 2.4km of Montreal Road (North River Road to St. Laurent Boulevard) and 700m of North River Road (Selkirk to the north cul-de-sac). This $35,000,000 construction project included reconstruction of the existing urban roadway reducing the number of lanes from four to three (Vanier Parkway to St. Laurent Boulevard) to provide upgraded pedestrian facilities and cycle tracks on both sides of the corridor. The project also included protected intersections, reconstruction of 2.9km of watermain and 1.4km of sewers, geotechnical and environmental investigations, transportation analysis and review, expedited utility burials and relocations, landscaping and streetscaping, and extensive public consultation.

This contract required working with the contractor and the City of Ottawa on items to assist the schedule, such as ensuring that issues are addressed and communicated promptly; effective coordination of utility and City of Ottawa crew work; and monitoring the effectiveness and potentially modifying operational constraints to maximize production.

The contract administration team was comprised of key design team members which allowed for a seamless transition from design to contract administration, thereby ensuring that any critical or important considerations, including public or stakeholder concerns, were thoroughly understood by the contract administration team. Roles and responsibilities were clearly identified at the outset of construction including critical communication protocols between the City of Ottawa, stakeholders, contractors, and the contract administration team.