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Transportation Engineering Solutions

Robinson Consultants Inc. has established a reputation for unparalleled success in the delivery of integrated road design projects including roundabouts and complete street elements such as cycling and pedestrian facilities. Our in-house inter-disciplinary team and strategic partnerships with industry leaders provides us with the ability to provide multi-modal solutions to ensure that the built transportation infrastructure contributes to  the sustainability and mobility needs of the community.

What We Offer

Robinson Consultants Inc. offers a full range of engineering services to satisfy the needs of large and small transportation projects including:

  • Asset management
  • Environmental assessment
  • Conceptual, functional, preliminary and detail design
  • Rehabilitation of existing infrastructure
  • Contract administration and construction inspection
  • Advisory services

Transportation Engineering Expertise

Robinson Consultants provides engineering services to assist clients in achieving their objectives in the following areas:

  • Functional planning studies
  • Pedestrian and cycling facility planning
  • Roundabout analysis
  • Intersection control studies
  • Traffic analysis
  • Mobility studies and AODA review
  • Site impact studies
  • Traffic staging and management
  • Roadside safety
  • Parking facility planning
  • Roadway engineering
  • Geometric design and surface drainage
  • Roundabouts
  • Intersection modifications
  • Protected intersections
  • Cycling and pedestrian facilities
  • Road rehabilitation
  • Complete streets and active transportation
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Roadside safety
  • Parking facilities
  • Transit facilities
  • Bridges and culverts

Recent Projects